CarSled – Concept

The world is urbanizing, the United States included. According to the United Nations Population Division[i], as of 2016, 82% of the US population lives in urban areas, with no signs of urbanization slowing[ii]. At the same time, mobility is being transformed. The one person, one fossil fuel powered car, ownership model for transportation that exists today is giving way to a shared, electrified and autonomous personal mobility services model[iii]. These two interdependent societal shifts will fundamentally change our relationship with the automobile as we head into the 2020s and beyond. Empty nesters will trade their suburban homes and multicar garages for urban condominiums with single reserved parking spaces, while millennials will utilize convenient mobility services to get around their downtown environments.

How will this affect car enthusiasts? Today there is already an unmet need for the space required to store unique and collectible personal vehicles away from the elements. Tomorrow this need will grow. Personal garage space will need to be better utilized. As mobility continues transforming through electrification and sharing, what is deemed unique and collectible will grow proportionally, driving demand for third party providers offering specialized services for off sight vehicle storage. Together, this growth in the demand for and better utilization of vehicle storage space is the opportunity for CarSled.

What Is CarSled?

CarSled simplifies car storage and retrieval by providing a self-contained platform onto which a car is driven then parked, enabling the car to be easily moved in any direction using air film technology from AirSled®.

Air Film Technology:

AirSled® is a pioneer in moving loads using a cushion of air. Their innovative air film technology enables a car to be moved by a force equal to just 1% of the weight of the vehicle. Leveraging air film pads and blowers integrated into CarSled, the blowers need only be turned on before the car can be easily moved in any direction.

Features & Benefits:

  • Air film technology to lift a car and easily move it in any direction without damaging the floor
  • Drive the car directly onto the platform without the need for ramps or lifts
  • Flexible flip-up guides on the leading corners and the end help with positioning
  • Integrated and adjustable tire cradles help reduce flat spotting during long-term storage
  • Oil and grease repellent surface keeps drips from floor and rinses clean between uses
  • Keeps the car battery charged with 3-stage smart battery charging
  • Retractable battery charging cord has interchangeable ends for cigarette lighter or terminals
  • Self-contained with integrated rechargeable batteries, eliminating power cord management
  • Long retractable power cord for occasional recharging when indicator light reads low
  • Control panel provides info on battery charging history and CarSled’s state-of-charge
  • Integrated, lockable & easy-to-access box is used to stow keys, registration, insurance card, etc.
  • Can be stowed on any edge to reduce space when not in use

Primary Use Cases:


  1. Car enthusiast has a 3-car garage at home, filled with the usual garage items
  2. Stores a unique collectible car during the winter
  3. After winterizing the car, CarSled is slid out of a corner and laid flat near the garage door
  4. Guides are flipped up at the leading corners and the end
  5. Car is driven onto CarSled
  6. Battery charging cord is connected into the car’s cigarette lighter
  7. A covered is put over the car
  8. CarSled’s air film is turned on using the control panel
  9. The car is slid into the back corner of the garage at an angle that maximizes remaining space
  10. An outlet is nearby so CarSled is permanently plugged in


  1. Membership-based car club provides storage and concierge services for collectible cars
  2. Car club offers 15-min or less feature via mobile app – i.e., fueled, warmed & ready to drive
  3. Storage area is at maximum utilization
  4. All cars sit on CarSled platforms, uncovered so they can be admired by visitors & members alike
  5. Member uses mobile app to hail their collectible car for a sunny Sunday drive
  6. Car club tech assesses the shortest route out for the member’s car
  7. Tech turns on CarSled for 8 cars needing to be moved to create a path, plus member’s CarSled
  8. 8 cars are easily and safely moved aside to clear the route, then CarSled is turned off
  9. Member’s car is moved out of the storage area and then CarSled is turned off
  10. Member’s key is securely retrieved from CarSled box, started, driven off, fueled and staged
  11. Other 8 cars are returned, closing the route yet saving room for the member’s car


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Urban Mobility Hub – Concept

The world is urbanizing, the United States included. According to the United Nations Population Division , as of 2016, 82% of the US population lives in urban areas, with no signs of slowing . This influx of people into cities changes the value and use of land, emphasizing the importance of managing the delicate balance between plenty of inexpensive parking options to drive vibrancy and encouraging sustainable, environmentally friendly land uses that reduce parking options.

At the same time, mobility is being transformed . The one person, one fossil fuel powered car, ownership model for transportation that exists today and has driven priorities for city planners for decades is giving way to a shared, electrified and autonomous personal mobility services model , with millennials at the core of this shift . Car and suburban home ownership will give way to shared electromobility and urban renting over the coming decades.

The Urban Mobility Hub (UM-Hub) combines flexible multi-use infrastructure with technology for easy to use, highly utilized mobility services to deliver an economically viable way to manage the transition. With services that meet today’s reality, services that meet tomorrow’s possibilities and the ability to optimize this mix over time, city planners and land developers can simultaneously embrace this change and meet the demands of an increasingly urban society today and tomorrow.

The Mission: Develop optimized multi-use infrastructure that embraces and fosters the transition from one person, one car to shared electro-mobility within an urban environment.


  1. Make urban mobility and the urban-suburban connection easy
  2. Leverage technology to create and capture customer value
  3. Deliver services with elastic capacity and optimized pricing
  4. Provide complementary and sustainable revenue streams

Primary Customers:

  • Urbanite: Lives downtown, works downtown, owns no vehicle
  • Commuter: Lives in the suburbs, works downtown, owns an ICE[i] vehicle
  • Developer: Invests in new infrastructure, operates at a profit over 20+ years
  • City Planner: Balances urban vibrancy against environmental sustainability

Requirements & Features:

  • Easy to get from point A to point B: daily commute, ad hoc, multi-mode
  • Real-time service pricing that reflects supply and demand
  • Elastic service capacity: expands/contracts over a day, by day of the week, seasonally, yearly
  • Mobile app for easy planning and use of mobility services
  • Integrated usage data across mobility services to drive optimizations
  • Low-cost, automated enforcement
  • Customer safety: uniform lighting, convex mirrors, emergency call buttons, video
  • Solar generation & storage to control EV charging costs


  • Broadband Wi-Fi access throughout
  • EV charging: level 2, 3 & 4 plus inductive charging
  • Valet services for fast/late transitions: car, self-parking car, bicycle
  • Shared delivery services for last mile: fixed route, ad hoc
  • Car sharing and bike sharing services
  • Bicycle racks and lockers
  • Changing and shower rooms with lockers


  • LEED Green Garage certification[ii]
  • APO certification[iii]
  • TDM integration[iv]

Amenities by Floor:

  1. Rooftop Park – Landscaping, paths, benches w/USB charging, lunch spots (table & chairs), play structure for youngsters, bouldering wall, solar shades
  2. Elastic Environment[v] – Traditional parking, convertible event space w/view (weddings, wine tastings, yoga classes, etc.)
  3. Traditional Parking – Availability, securing and paying for ad hoc or monthly parking all done via mobile app (no attendant needed)
  4. Premium Car Services/Parking – Auto detailing salon, self-service auto bays w/lift, long-term climate-controlled vehicle storage w/valet in & out
  5. EV Charging/Parking – Level 2, 3 & 4 stations, inductive charging, parking/charging for shared autonomous vehicles across categories (2-seat, truck, van, wagon, etc.) waiting for next use
  6. Sharing – Bike sharing kiosk, flex-car service (e.g., ZipCar), van-pool, vehicle drop-off service w/valet & self-parking stalls[vi][vii], bicycle valet service, private bike lockers

Revenue Streams:


  • Hourly parking
  • Drop-off service: valet & self-parking
  • Valet overflow parking for downtown hotels
  • Long-term travel parking w/shuttle: to airport, vehicle leasing
  • Climate controlled vehicle storage w/valet in & out (via mobile app)

Services (Own & Operate)

  • Cash machine
  • Private bike & gear lockers w/showers
  • EV charging
  • Shuttle: fixed route & ad hoc

Leases (3rd Party Services)

  • Coffee and breakfast items
  • Beer garden/patio
  • Bike sharing kiosk
  • Flex-car spaces & kiosk
  • Auto detailing salon
  • Self-service auto repair bays w/lift
  • Scheduled events: yoga class, musical performance
  • Special events: wedding, wine tasting


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