Vision Seeing beyond the end of a nose is hard, especially when business and technology are changing at a breakneck pace. Doing so requires frequent and expansive surveying, deep understanding to realize connections and an appreciation for the past with its ability to inform the future. These endeavors inform and crystallize an actionable vision.

Distillation Within a market context, distilling the advantages of a specific business, financial or technological innovation is fundamental to winning. Broad experience filtering out the noise to reveal salient signals provides a unique advantage compared to your competition – market sizing, use cases, values and benefits, sustainable competitive advantages. Such distilled pearls enable you to identify and measure success.

Road Map Defining a path forward starts with the destination. Vision and distillation prowess yield the who, what and why of the matter, which sum to the destination. Then a path is defined, but one that is fluid – revisited and revised constantly – because setting a fixed path today and never adjusting leads to a large miss tomorrow. Crisp milestones with dates, deliverables and dependencies anchor the road map. A frequent and lite process for revisiting and revising ensures the destination is reached. This is how project management works at today’s pace.

Execution Complexities abound, making “getting it right” upfront an impossible task. Instead, “getting it close” and then optimizing for small and frequent iterations insures you fail early and adjust often, dramatically improving outcomes. This is the how of the matter. Iterative execution along a fluid road map heading for a crystallized vision equals winning.